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Exhausted from working too many hours?
Struggling to meet payroll every week?
Feel stuck not knowing how to get more quality employees?
OR Just want to take your company to the next level?

Grow your business faster and make more money with landscape business training from The Harvest Way Academy.

Whether your Green Industry Business is in:
Maintenance, Design Build, Installation, Construction, Tree Care,
Plantscapes or Lawn Care you can learn how to:

Be More Competitive

Grow Your Company

Find and Keep the Right People and Customers

Close More Sales


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The education, motivation and community to inspire your next step. Here is what you get:

Academy Training Library Access
From core business concepts, sales, marketing, HR and more!

The Harvest Way Community Membership
Accountability, support, experience, answers, relationships and more

Videos, Guidebook and Tools with Every Course
In-Depth Videos, Step-by-step Guides plus Done-For-You Tools
such as estimates & proposals to grow your business fast

Industry Leader’s Lessons – Coming Soon!
Interviews with successful entrepreneurs—lessons learned, tips + more

The Harvest Way Perks
Exclusive discounts on products and services to make your business grow.

Monthly Subscription
Super affordable. No contracts. Start growing your business right away.
Get immediate access for only $10, then $25 a month.

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BFEst2The Basics and Fundamentals of Estimating

Estimating focuses on having the proper man hours, the needed equipment and the materials needs to deliver the customers expectations and specifications. Download a sample estimate so you know how to get it right.

How to Sell Your Business for the Most $$$

We’ll provide a road map for creating value in your business no matter if you are going to sell soon or many years from now. These strategies are crucial for creating the most value in your company so you can exit with the most green $$$.


Develop Your Pricing Tactics and Strategies

Once you understand the price influencers and how to arrive at the right price it’s now time to implement tactics and strategies. Learn how to deal with competitors with targeting and positioning so you can get at the right price.

Using Market Research and Finding Customer Potential


Seek to understand the market you live and work in. Ed and Bill will give you an exercise to find and target your ideal customers so you’ll know where you market effectively.

Execution of a Winning Profit Plan

Understand the most critical part of planning. Learn exactly what goals to set and how to reach them. Get specifics on how to accomplish these and more.

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PageLines- exq.jpg“I feel the Harvest Academy is God sent. The Harvest Academy has been instrumental in my continuous development of my 3 years in business. The information the academy provides is invaluable, it’s like having the East & West Coast Harvesters next to you leading & coaching. Many thanks to Ed, Bill, and supporting staff.“

– Anthony Jackson, Exquisite Lawn Care & Landscaping


PageLines- greencow.jpg“I like to do things right, especially when it comes to HR, the lessons in the Harvest Academy have really helped me to know what I didn’t know. The gross margin lessons are extremely helpful too, this is really going to help me make more money this season!”

Ted Reed, Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, Hampton, VA


PageLines- coastalpacfic.jpg“As a new company we had to build everything from the ground up. The Academy has guided me to build the right foundation to grow upon right from the start. One of the pivotal areas for our start was crafting the right culture with the lessons from “Got Culture? Get Culture!” We have engrained those lessons into our organization All of our people know our mission and buy into our vision. The entire staff as a result, is on board and headed the right direction.

We have also followed the step-by-step “Getting Gross” lessons and they work! Using the lessons and tools from the Harvest Academy we have gone from $0 to nearly $1 million in revenue in less than 2 years along with solid gross margins!! Thank You Harvest Academy!”

-Tim Saunders, Coastal Pacific Landscape

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What: Within our Harvest Academy we have broken
business into eight primary areas or buckets.

Why: This enables you to focus your attention to your greatest
area of need where you can work at your own pace.

How: When you need information about a particular part of your
company simply go the Harvest Academy, look it up and learn.

View the List of Categories

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We’ve placed each course in one of the 8 Buckets to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Planning For Profit

Writing Killer Proposals

Recruiting to the Rescue

 Let’s Get Social

 Build and Shaping a Great Culture

Insurance Matters

 The Leadership Trifecta

Gross Margins

View the full list of Courses and Tools in the Library

Tools Include: 

Estimates, Budgets, Proposals,
Interview Questions, Surveys,
Client Selection Criteria, Competitor Profile,
10-15 Report, Assessments, Planning Agenda,
Performance Appraisal & Guidelines,
and more


Sign up today and get your first month of The Harvest Way Academy for just $10.
Limited time offer. Click the “Join the Academy Now!” button to start your trial.